Michael Simmons

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Michael Simmons' completed his undergraduate education at Penn State (1967). His M.A. (1969) and Ed.D. (1997) were completed at Arizona State University. All three degrees were in Art Education. He has been in the Department of Art and Art History at C.S.U., Chico since 1977 where he is currently the Department Credential Adviser. Since his joining the Department he has designed and-or taught courses focusing on children's art, adolescent art, jewelry design, photography, visual literacy, interrelating the arts, and foundations in art. (design, drawing, art appreciation). His long time interest has been in problem formation and problem solving processes in the Visual Arts.

Dr. Simmons developed an interest in photography, printmaking and sculpture while in undergraduate school. It has continued ever since. Much of his inspiration comes form exploring the physical environment, whether natural or human made. These places, with remnants of human contact, usually have some visual story to be unlocked.

Dr. Simmons continues to remain current in the fields of Visual Art and Art Education. He feels that this commitment directly benefits his students intending to enter the field of Art


"Pillar of the Moon"
mm 5.25" x 6.25" x 21.75"


"From the Broken Arrow"
black & white photographic print


black & white photographic print


1969-1977 EdD, Arizona State University
1968-1969 Master of Art, Arizona State University
1967 University of Washington
1965-1967 Bachelor of Science, Pennsylvania State University
1959-63 AA, Pennsylvania State University

1977-present Professor, California State University, Chico, CA
1990-1992 Immediate Past President, California Art Educatioin Association
1974-1977 Instructor, Grand Canyon College, Phoenix, AZ
1971-1973 Instructor, Arizona State University, AZ
1970-1971 Instructor, Paradise Valley High School, Phoenix, AZ
1969-1970 Media Specialist, Arizona State Unversity
1967-1968 Instructor, North Junior High School, Everett, WA