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The College of Natural Sciences

The Mission of the College

The mission of the faculty and staff of the College of Natural Sciences is varied: to provide service courses for all the disciplines of the university; to provide science and mathematics majors with the rigorous theoretical and practical training required to make them successful and contributing citizens, both professionally and personally; to provide professional nursing education; and to offer pre-professional programs to prepare students for further education in medicine, dentistry, veterinary medicine, optometry, pharmacy, physical therapy, and dental hygiene, and to provide the background necessary for admission to specific graduate programs at this or other institutions of higher education.

The college offers baccalaureate programs in biological sciences, chemistry, environmental science, geosciences, mathematics, microbiology, nutrition and food sciences, nursing, and physics, and master’s programs in biological sciences, botany, nursing, nutrition and food sciences, environmental science, geosciences, and science teaching. In addition to excellent classes in modern facilities, professors encourage students to participate in activities that complement their academic career choices. Research, internships, and field experiences are some of these. Each department or school has one or more student organizations. Tutoring is provided by students in each academic unit. Courses are also conducted at field and clinical sites throughout California. The individual academic units schedule seminars and colloquia, which are open to students, staff, faculty, and the public.

The college is also committed to working with our K-12 partners to provide a seamless education; working with teachers and students is a high priority.