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Catalog Versions: Why does a catalog year matter?

The University Catalog must be updated and published annually to reflect the most current policy and program requirements. While newer versions of the catalog may contain updated policies or program changes, students may continue to follow the version for which they have established catalog rights. When viewing graduation and major requirements, students should review the version of the catalog applicable to them.

Catalog Rights: Which catalog year should you follow?

Students pursuing a bachelor’s degree should review their graduation requirements and rights as stated in the University Catalog and consult with Graduation Advising in the Office of the Registrar, SSC 110. Students may also refer to their Degree Progress Report, which is accessible through the Student Center of their Portal.

Master’s degree students should review the Graduate Education Policies page of the University Catalog and consult with the Office of Graduate Studies, SSC 460.

In all cases students should consult with a major department advisor regarding the major requirements applicable to them and any changes from published catalogs that may be appropriate.

Archived Catalogs: How can you view an old catalog?

The University Catalog has been an online-only publication since 2011. Course descriptions from before 2011 or from paper catalogs may be obtained by submitting the Course Description Request Form (PDF) to the Office of the Registrar.