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The Faculty

Below is a listing of the Nutrition and Food Science Department faculty as published in the 2003-2005 catalog. To view a listing of this department's current active faculty, click here.

Samuel E. Beattie, 1998, Assist Professor, PhD, Oregon State Univ.

Faye C. Johnson, 1976, Professor, EdD, RD, UOP.

Barbara A. Kirks, 1976, Professor Emerita, MPH, RD, EdD, Utah St U.

Michelle R. Neyman, 2000, Assist Professor, PhD, RD, UC Davis.

Kathryn Silliman, 1990, Professor, PhD, RD, UC Berkeley.

Cindy Brattan Wolff, 1987, Professor, MPA, RD, PhD, CO State U.