The College includes the Departments of Civil Engineering; Computer Science; Construction Management; Electrical & Computer Engineering; and Mechanical Engineering, Mechatronic Engineering, & Manufacturing Technology.

The Mission of the College

The Mission of the College is to provide Engineering, Computer Science, and Construction Management students with a strong, broad based education that will provide them with the knowledge and skills to be successful practitioners, and empower them to continue their education at the graduate level and cultivate a lifetime of learning. The college mission is also to support the success of its various programs, as articulated through their respective missions and objectives.

We recognize the challenges of the 21st century, created by a growing world population, placing increasing claims on limited resources. We are committed to prepare graduates who can work cooperatively with other scientists, engineers, and business professionals to develop innovative technical solutions to modern complex problems. The academic disciplines within the college will provide students with the knowledge and skills to meet these challenges.

The college curricula provide a foundation in liberal arts as well as both technical breadth and specialization. The college offers the Bachelor of Science in Civil, Computer, Electrical, Mechanical, and Mechatronic Engineering, as well as the BS degree in Computer Science, Computer Information Systems, Construction Management, Manufacturing Technology, and a new BS degree in Applied Computer Graphics. The college also offers the Master of Science in Computer Science and Electrical Engineering with Options in Computer and Electronic Engineering.

College faculty foster a learning environment founded on frequent faculty- student interaction with instructors who are, with few exceptions, full-time faculty. Student professional associations and cooperative education experiences provide opportunities for personal growth and development beyond the classroom.