Course Requirements for the Certificate: 25-26 units

The following courses, or their approved transfer equivalents, are required of all candidates for this certificate.

Certificate Core: 16 units

6 courses required:
CDES131Visual Communication Concepts2.0FS
CDES222Intro to WWW Design & Pub3.0FS
CDES281Print as Digital Output Medium3.0FS
CDES282Digital Pre-publishing I3.0FS
Prerequisites: CDES 114, CDES 281, or faculty permission.
CDES322Advanced WWW Design & Publish3.0FS
Prerequisites: CDES 222.
CDES327Visual Information Design3.0FS
Prerequisites: CDES 214, CDES 282.

Writing: 3 units

1 course selected from:
CDES103Writing for Electronic Media3.0FS
Prerequisites: ENGL 130.
ENGL230Intro to Technical Writing3.0FS
Prerequisites: ENGL 130.
JOUR260Writing for Mass Media3.0FS
Prerequisites: ENGL 130.

Graphics: 3 units

1 course selected from:
ARTS450Advanced Electronic Arts3.0FS
Prerequisites: ARTS 350 or faculty permission.
CDES214Computer Graphics3.0FS
APCG110Computer-Assisted Art I3.0FS *

Capstone: 3 units

1 course required:
CDES429WWW Practicum3.0FS
Prerequisites: CDES 222 or faculty permission. Completion of, or concurrent enrollment in, CDES 323 is recommended.