Course Requirements for the Minor: 31-32 units

The following courses, or their approved transfer equivalents, are required of all candidates for this minor.

5 courses required:
BIOL103Human Anatomy4.0FS *
BIOL104Human Physiology4.0FS *
Prerequisites: BIOL 103 or faculty permission for non-majors, basic computer literacy skills.
KINE323Physiology of Exercise4.0FS
Prerequisites: BIOL 104.
KINE430Adm/Mgmt of Sport/Fit Progs3.0FS
Prerequisites: Basic computer literacy skills.
1 course selected from:
KINE331Principles of Team Sports3.0FS
Prerequisites: Basic computer literacy skills. Course includes laboratory projects and written exams which cover the essential elements of coaching and performing in a team sport environment. One major project will be designed by each student.
KINE332Prin of Individual Sports3.0FS
Prerequisites: Basic computer literacy skills.
1 course selected from:
KINE321Motor Development & Behavior3.0FS
KINE345Human Movement/Learn/Perform3.0FS
Prerequisites: Basic computer skills or faculty permission. 2 courses selected from:
KINE314Psychology of Coaching3.0FS
KINE316Prin Spt Injury Mgt4.0FS
Prerequisites: Basic First Aid or equivalent course, faculty permission.
KINE346Sport and Society3.0FS
KINE347Sport/Game/Play Non-West Cult3.0FS *NW
KINE389Prin of Strngth & Conditioning3.0FS
Prerequisites: KINE 322, KINE 323, or faculty permission.
KINE489Internship Seminar3.0FS
Prerequisites: At least junior standing and faculty permission.
KINE492Social Psy of Sport/Play/Games3.0FS
KINE524Biomechanical Analysis3.0FS
Prerequisites: KINE 322 and basic computer literacy.
KINE554Theory/Prac of Play & Games3.0SP

Written Notice

Departmental approval is required before you begin course work for this minor. Approval can be obtained by providing written notice of your intention to declare this minor to the department office.