The Bachelor of Science in Instructional Design and Technology

Total Course Requirements for the Bachelor's Degree: 120 units

See "Requirements for the Bachelor's Degree" in the University Catalog for complete details on general degree requirements. A minimum of 40 units, including those required for the major, must be upper division.

A suggested Major Academic Plan (MAP) has been prepared to help students meet all graduation requirements within four years. Please request a plan from your major advisor or view it and other current advising information on the CSU, Chico Web.

Please see General Education, Cultural Diversity, American Institutions, and Literacy Requirements under the BA in Communication Design.

Course Requirements for the Major: 53 units

The following courses, or their approved transfer equivalents, are required of all candidates for this degree.

Major Core Program: 18 units

6 courses required:

CDES 101 Introduction to Communication 3.0 FS

This course is also offered as JOUR 101.

CDES 102 Principles of Comm Design 3.0 FS
CDES 103 Writing for Electronic Media 3.0 FS
Prerequisites: ENGL 130.
CDES 206 Intro Photo Com & Dig Imaging 3.0 FS
CDES 303 Communication Criticism 3.0 FS WP
Prerequisites: ENGL 130 (or its equivalent) with a grade of C- or higher.
CDES 307 Technology and Communication 3.0 FS
Prerequisites: CDES 102.

Additional Units Required: 35 units

Instructional Design: 18 units

6 courses required:

CDES 271 Intro Design Instruct/Training 3.0 FS
CDES 272 Media for Instruction/Training 3.0 FS
Prerequisites: CDES 271 or concurrent enrollment or faculty permission. Students taking the course for the Minor in Education should request faculty permission.
CDES 373 Desgn & Dev of Instruct Prod 3.0 FS
Prerequisites: CDES 272.
CDES 474 Eval Instruct Products & Prog 3.0 FS
Prerequisites: CDES 373 or faculty permission.
CDES 475 Performance Analysis 3.0 FS
Prerequisites: CDES 373.
CDES 476 Res, Theory, App in INST 3.0 FS
Prerequisites: CDES 373.

Technical Skills: 5 units

2 courses required:

CDES 131 Visual Communication Concepts 2.0 FS
CDES 216 Intro: Digital Audio in Media 3.0 FS

Media Emphasis: 6 units

2 courses selected from:

Select both courses from one of the following groups.

Video Group

CDES 366 Field Video Production 3.0 FS
Prerequisites: CDES 103, CDES 206, CDES 216; CDES 141, CDES 261 (both with a grade of C or higher).
CDES 464 Advanced Video Editing 3.0 FS
Prerequisites: CDES 366.
CDES 466 Studio Video Production 3.0 FS
Prerequisites: CDES 366.

Multimedia Group

CDES 222 Intro to WWW Design & Pub 3.0 FS
CDES 314 Intro Multimedia Dsgn & Dev 3.0 FA
Prerequisites: Basic computer literacy, faculty permission.
CDES 322 Advanced WWW Design & Publish 3.0 FS
Prerequisites: CDES 222.
CDES 414 Adv Multimedia Dsgn & Develop 3.0 SP
Prerequisites: CDES 314.

Additional Courses: 6 units

2 courses selected from:

CDES 317 Info & Comm Technologies 3.0 FS
CDES 319 New Telecom Technology 3.0 SP
Prerequisites: Senior standing or faculty permission.
CDES 327 Visual Information Design 3.0 FS
Prerequisites: CDES 214, CDES 282.
MGMT 303 Survey of Management 3.0 FS
MGMT 304 Human Resource Management 3.0 FS
MGMT 350 Managing Emp Effectiveness 3.0 SP
Prerequisites: MGMT 303.
PSYC 362 Psychology of Learning 3.0 FS
PSYC 414 Psychology of Teaching 3.0 FS
Prerequisites: PSYC 355, faculty permission.
PSYC 494 Industrial/Organizational Psy 3.0 Inq

Please see the Electives, Grading, and Advising Requirements under the BA in Communication Studies.

Please see Honors in the Major under the BA in Communication Studies.