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CSUEU Chico Chapter 302

"It's On!"

Governor Brown's veto of AB 1231 was a travesty.

As the author of the CSU Employees Union sponsored legislation, I can tell you there was no sound reason why AB 1231 shouldn't become law. It is simple fairness to give CSU support staff well-earned, and long overdue, salary steps enjoyed by management and faculty as well as the vast majority of other state employees. I am so angry by this injustice, but getting mad isn't enough. I want you to know that I have recommitted to this cause.

You are the employees who run the University. CSU students, faculty and administrators rely on you to get things done and your work should be respected and appreciated.

We may have suffered a temporary setback with this veto, but I must say that the CSU can't ignore support staff anymore. Read more of Dr. Shirley Weber's letter here..(opens in new window).


Our purpose is to maintain the highest possible quality of life of all our members and their families by negotiating a strong living wage, augmented by employer and union benefits. 

Our focus is protecting, maintaining and enhancing wages, hours and working conditions for our bargaining units and represented members. 

Our vision is a time when education becomes such a high statewide priority that funds are generously allocated in each year’s state budget for the CSU to fulfill its loftiest educational goals while providing its staff with consistently excellent salaries and benefits, all for the betterment of California’s future.