CSU Employees Union

CSUEU Chico Chapter 302

NEWS ALERT: SCOTUS Rules Against Unions and Working Families

The recent Supreme Court decision to disregard 40 years of their own legal precedents protecting workers’ rights was exactly what powerful corporate interests groups wanted: the erosion of unions.

Are we going to let that happen?

No! We will not be silenced. Dropping your membership and weakening our union is EXACTLY what powerful corporate interest groups want, because without unions, we would be back to working for bad bosses and getting paid low wages with fewer benefits and no recourse and no strength to bargain.

What can I do to stand in solidarity with my union brothers and sisters?

If you are a non-paying member, sign up to become a member. If you are already a member, RENEW your membership now.

If I'm a member, why do I have to "renew"?

When you originally joined the Union, you signed a card that tied your membership to the life of the contract, typically three years. With the new membership card, CSUEU is being proactive and protecting the union - and its members - from potential lawsuits that arise from the Janus v AFSCME ruling.


Our purpose is to maintain the highest possible quality of life of all our members and their families by negotiating a strong living wage, augmented by employer and union benefits. 

Our focus is protecting, maintaining and enhancing wages, hours and working conditions for our bargaining units and represented members. 

Our vision is a time when education becomes such a high statewide priority that funds are generously allocated in each year’s state budget for the CSU to fulfill its loftiest educational goals while providing its staff with consistently excellent salaries and benefits, all for the betterment of California’s future.