Faculty Recognition & Support Committee (FRAS)

Eric Houk Agriculture (18) AGR
Lindsay Briggs Health & Comm Serv. (18) BSS
Shelley Hart Child Development (19) BSS
Ghadir Ishqaidef Management (19) BUS
James Downing Management (18) BUS
Rich Gitelson Recreation & Parks Mgmt. (18) CME
Elena Harris CSCI (19) ECC
Hadil Mustafa EECE (19) ECC
William Cuthbertson  Library  (19) LIB
Helen Karpilovsky Nursing (18) NS
Jinsong Zhang, Chair Chemistry & Biochem (18) NS
Leo Kirchhoff Faculty Emeritus (19) ---
Evanne O'Donnell Provost Rep. (18) FAAF
TBD Student Representative (18) AS

2016/17 AY Outstanding Faculty Members:

Matthew Thomas, Outstanding Faculty Service
Wallace Leese, Outstanding Professor
Brian Brazeal, Outstanding Research Mentor
Nicholas Lynch, Outstanding Teacher

Ellie Ertle, Outstanding Lecturer
Celina Phillips, Outstanding Academic Advisor


Appointment: 14 faculty - two from BSS, BUS, CME, ECC, HFA, and NS and one each from AGR and INF and the previous year's outstanding faculty award winners (listed above)

Term: 2 years, staggered

Duties: See EM 14-011

FRAS reports annually to the Academic Senate.