AGU 2015

The Fall AGU Conference is one of the premiere International Geoscience Conferences, held each year in San Francisco. Nearly 20,000 geoscientists present their research here. This year, several GEOS students had the oppurtunity to present their research at this year's conference.
Gene Lewis
"Compositional Variations of Primary Basalts in the Poison Lake Chain, Lassen Region of Northern California" by Gene Lewis, Rachel Teasdale and Jennifer Wenner (Univ Wisconsin, Osh Kosh). Abstract.


Sean Nies
"Preservation of REE and Fe isotopes in Altered Stromatolites and the Paleo-Environmental Record" by Sean Nies, Russell Shapiro and Stefan Lalonde (European Institute for Marine Studies). Abstract.


Mark Szymanski
"Groundmass Crystallinities of Proximal and Distal Lavas from Cinder Cone, Lassen Volcanic Field" by Mark Szymanski and Rachel Teasdale. Abstract.


Faculty Achievements

Dr. Rachel Teasdale
Teasdale was selected with Anthropology Professor Georgia Fox as Lantis Endowed University Chairs. She plans to use the Lantis Professorship to complete a project that is a natural extension of her teaching and research. She will work with students on cooling experiments to characterize crystallization of basaltic lava flows, including decompression experiments at the University of Bristol’s Electron Microbeam Laboratory through a collaborative partnership. The research will be presented at the Fall 2015 American Geophysical Union conference in SF. Teasdale will also work with Science Education to produce high-quality, standards-based K-12 curriculum and activities to be presented to teachers in the Summer Science Project.

Dr. Todd Greene

Greene was presented with the A.I. Levorsen award for giving the best oral presentation at the Pacific Section-American Association of Petroleum Geologists (PS-AAPG) Annual meeting in Monterey, CA (April 2013). The title of his presentation was: "Fluvial architecture of a Cascades-sourced 'paleo-Sacramento River' system within the Lower Tuscan Formation in the northern Sacramento Valley, CA".

Dr. Shane Mayor

Mayor is the recipient of the Outstanding Project Director Award. The award recognizes a project director who has been successful in securing external funds and an outstanding partner to RESP. he successfully secured more than $1.3 million in funding from the National Science Foundation to establish the Atmospheric Lidar Research Group. The group supports a postdoctoral scholar, a programmer, four graduate students and several undergraduate student assistants.

REAL: Raman-shifted Eye-safe Aerosol Lidar


CSU Chico is the home to two world-class atmospheric lidar systems and a research group operating on the front lines of remote wind measurement.   Dr. Shane Mayor is director of the CSUC Atmospheric Lidar Research Group that maintains and operates over $2M worth of lidar equipment at the CSUC farm and supports laboratories and state-of-the-art computational resources on campus.  The Raman-shifted Eye-safe Aerosol Lidars (REALs) are high performance scanning lidars designed to make time-lapse imagery of the lower atmosphere.  The imagery can be used to monitor the depth of the atmospheric boundary layer and observe micro and mesoscale meteorological phenomena such as gravity waves, density current fronts, and vorticies.  They are also extremely well suited to detect dust and smoke layers aloft and observe the initial transport and dispersion of plumes of particulate matter.  The main focus of the research group is currently on the development of algorithms and software to automatically and objectively extract quantitative information such as mixed layer height and wind velocity from the imagery.


BS in Environmental Science BS in Geology
Certificate in Hydrogeology
BS in Geosciences Minor in Geology
Single Subject Teaching Credential in Science
MS in Environmental Sciences
MS in Geosciences
Professional Science Masters Program


About the Department

Geological and environmental sciences are directed toward understanding the terrestrial system from the core of the Earth to beyond our solar system. Students will conduct applied and basic research in an effort to understand physical processes on and within the Earth, and human influences that affect the environment. Geology is the study of processes occurring in or on the Earth. Environmental science is the study of interactions within the Earth's biosphere, concentrating on natural and man-made perturbations such as pollution.

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Events & Seminars

Spring 2016 Seminar Schedule

Spring 2016 Seminar Series Schedule

Presented by the Department of Geological and Environmental Science

Sponsored by the Association of Geological and Environmental Students (AGES)

Please join us throughout the Spring 2016 semester to learn more about a variety of topics in the areas of geology, environmental science, and more!


Tues, Feb 9: Gene Lewis, Mark Szymanski, and Sean Nies, Geological and Environmental Science, CSU Chico

GEOS Undergraduate AGU Poster Presentations


Thurs, Feb 11: Glenda Marsh, Programs Manager of the Abandoned Mine Lands Program, California Department of Conservation

Addressing Hazards from Abandoned Mines in California- Challenges and Opportunities

PHSC 130


Tues, Feb 16: Dr. Richard Koehler, University of Nevada- Reno, Nevada Bureau of Mines and Geology

Far-Field Plate Boundary Deformation: Paleoseismic Perspectives from Nevada and Alaska


Tues, Mar 22: Dr. Lanny Fisk, Paleoresource Consultants

Title TBA

Tues, Mar 29: Dr. Miranda Fram, USGS, Groundwater Ambient Monitoring and Assessment Priority Basin Project

Title TBA

Tues, Apr 5: Dr. Sandrine Matiasek, Geological and Environmental Science, CSU Chico

Title TBA

Tues, Apr 12: Dr. Brian Bergamaschi, USGS, California Water Science Center

Title TBA

Tues, Apr 19: Charles Real, Retired Astronomer

Title TBA

Tues, Apr 26: John Clinkenbeard, Senior Geologist, Department of Conservation, California Geological Survey

Title TBA

Tues, May 3: Dr. Ann Bykerk-Kauffman, Geological and Environmental Science, CSU Chico

Title TBA

Location: CSU Chico, Ayres Hall, Room 201

Time: 5:00-6:00 PM

Everyone is welcome to attend!

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