College of Natural Sciences

College of Natural Sciences

The College of Natural Sciences (NSC) at Chico State has eight amazing departments with many majors to choose from. Our students gain hands-on experiences in state-of-the-art facilities.  Research projects, internships and field experiences offer students an opportunity to collaborate and prepare for future success.

We offer seminars and colloquia series featuring speakers who are making breakthroughs at the leading edge of mathematical, scientific, and nursing research.  NSC is committed to your success. 

Graduates from all our programs find fulfilling and rewarding careers!

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With one of the highest 4-year graduation rates in the CSU system and lowest average student debt amounts in the country, Chico State offers one of the nation’s highest return on investment.

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Exterior Kendall Hall

Departments and Contact Information

A student peers into a high-tech microscope
Biological Sciences

Holt Hall, Room 285

A student pours a solution into a beaker
Chemistry & Biochemistry

Science Building, Room 357A

A student takes water samples from a mountainside spring
Earth & Environmental Sciences

Science Building, Room 258A

A student works out an equation on a whiteboard as instructor supervises
Mathematics & Statistics

Holt Hall, Room 101

Student slices vegetables
Nutrition & Food Science

Holt Hall, Room 369

Students collaborate on a wheeled contraption

Science Building, Room 257A

A student volunteers in a local disaster displacement shelter
School of Nursing

Trinity Hall, Room 121

Science Education students
Science Education

Science Building, Room 358A

NSC advising
Science Building, Room 450

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“This new building was designed from day one to be a place that draws students to the sciences. It provides not just a place to come and take classes, but to stick around and develop a sense of community.  We want as many students as possible to see science as an exciting opportunity and as something that is available to them.”  - Dean David Hassenzahl, PhD