College of Natural Sciences



After donating rare books to The American Institute pf Physics, Dr. David Kagan was interviewed for the Ex Libris Universum page. 


Geological and Environmental Sciences professor Sandrine Matiasek and a team of students examine the magnitutde of water contamination that resulted from the Camp Fire, as well as the possible public health and environmental implications for urban and environmental users in Butte County and beyond. With more than 14,000 structures lost to the fire, as well as hundreds of businesses, thousands of cars, and widespread infrastructure, the implication for impacts is significant.


Dr. Nick Nelson and students from the Department of Physics presented their research at the American Physical Society's Far West Section Meeting November 1-2. They presented multiple posters and a contributed talk. John Permann, Yoanna Guzman, and Thomas Garcia won an award for Best Undergraduate Poster Presentation.