How to Submit your Logs by E-mail

How to NOT lose your log on the computer

Richard A. Narad, D.P.A

For all sorts of reasons, including the time that it takes, typing your log directly into the mail program (Pine, Eudora, etc.) is a bad idea. Instead, try the following steps.

This process assume that you are using a PC with Microsoft Word. It should also work for WordPerfect for Windows. I don't know how to do it with WordPerfect for DOS (in case anyone is still using it). There are similar ways to do this on a Mac but you'll have to ask a Mac person.

  1. Compose your log on the word processor as you would any other document.
  2. Save the document by going to File, Save As.
  3. From within the Save As dialog box, type in the name of the file (e.g., lastnamelog4) and add the extended ".txt" (without the quote marks).
    Next, under "save as type" use the pull down arrow and select "text only".
    Finally, select the disk to which you will save it. If you have email access from home, you might save it on your hard disk. If not, save it to a floppy disk.
  4. When you get to the computer from which you will send the log, go to the Windows program manager and select File, Run (or, in Win95, use the "start, run" button). Type "notepad" and hit return.
  5. In the Notepad program, select File, Open and type in the name of the file that you want to email (including the disk that it is on).
  6. Use the mouse to select the entire text (or, use Edit, Select All).
  7. Copy the text to the "clipboard" by hitting <Control> C or by using Edit, Copy.
  8. Get into your communications program and into the mailer (probably Pine). If you still aren't sure of how to use Pine, you really need to take one of Computer Services' workshops.
  9. Select the command to "compose" a new email message. Type in the address to which you want to send it. In the subject line, type your name and the number of the log.
  10. Type <shift><Ins> to paste the document from the "clipboard" to the mailer.
  11. Send the message by typing <ctrl> X. This should send your document.