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Psychology Department

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Welcome to the Department of Psychology where students and faculty explore the scientific study of behavior and mind. The American Psychological Association reports that most students select psychology for its personal growth possibilities; others select the major because of its career possibilities. Some of these students establish careers after obtaining their bachelor's degree, with many going into business, education, or a variety of health-related fields. Working professionally in psychology generally requires graduate training at the masters or doctoral level.

The department offers a student-centered BA degree in psychology, comprised of 41 units, an undergraduate minor in psychology, and three master's degrees: (1) the MA degree: option in psychological science; (2) the MA degree: option in applied psychology, a gateway to the school psychology credential program; and (3) the MS degree in marriage and family therapy.

Approximately fifteen full-time faculty, twenty part-time faculty, and three full-time office staff serve our 800+ undergraduate majors, 90 graduate students, and numerous university students completing General Education requirements. Our Psi Chi undergraduate student club offers academic and social activities. Our undergraduate internship program enables students to apply psychology in many local social agencies, businesses, and educational settings.

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