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MA in Psychological Science

The Master of Arts in Psychology: Option in Psychological Science

Program description

This program prepares students for doctoral work in psychology and/or for teaching at the community college level. Content course work is broad and encompasses major areas of academic psychology. Graduate content courses and seminars include human development, human learning, advanced general psychology, and contemporary issues. Methodology courses are required in psychometrics, research methods, and advanced statistics. A broad psychology background is the preparation most desired by doctoral programs. A broad psychology background is also the best preparation for teaching a variety of academic courses at the community college level. Research experience is emphasized in the research assistantship and in the required thesis or empirical research manuscript. Students acquire research experience with a selected faculty member, becoming part of their ongoing research activities. Teaching experience, including supervised teaching in the classroom, is invaluable for a teaching career, and most doctoral programs expect students to serve as teaching assistants. The research emphases and teaching interests of the faculty are diverse, encompassing both experimental and nonexperimental orientations, and representing areas such as biopsychology, cognition and learning, developmental, cross-cultural, perception, and social and personality psychology.

Interested in learning more about the MA in Psychological Science program? Contact this year’s Student Ambassador, Donavan Cervantes!

Alaina Castor, Psychological Science AmbassadorHey there! My name is Donavan Cervantes and I am currently a second year Psychological Science Graduate Student. I graduated from Chico State with my bachelor’s degree in Psychology and Sociology in Spring of 2020. After being here for a couple years I have been able to gain so much insight into the department as well as the campus itself. Along with that, I have been a research assistant and teaching assistant for a few semesters under professors within the department. As a Latinx first-generation college student, I understand the hardships that stem from striving for higher education while not necessarily knowing exactly how to accomplish these goals or knowing who you can reach out to for assistance. My goal as the student ambassador is to aid in easing some of the stresses and help those who seek higher education accomplish and surpass their dreams. Don’t stress; let me help you get there. If you have any questions pertaining to the application process, the Psychological Science program, Chico State, or just graduate school as a whole, please contact me at! I would be happy to help!

Please see the course catalog for admission requirements, procedures, and faculty coordinators and advisors.

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