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Welcome to the History Department of California State University, Chico, located on the top floor of Trinity Hall in the heart of the campus. We are a community engaged in that most serious and intellectually rewarding of pursuits, the study of the past, the living past, that continues to shape our present and our future.

In this Web site you will find information about both our course offerings, how to become a history major or minor, as well as about our graduate program and our certificate in public history. Browsing our faculty biographies you will discover why our faculty is one of the most honored on campus for its scholarship, teaching, and service. You can also learn about our vibrant student organizations.

Of course, please feel free as well to stop by Trinity Hall and visit us.

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History Club Meeting Thursday 9/21

Come to the History Club meeting on Thursday 9/21 at 6:00 p.m. in Butte 227, where we will discuss our upcoming field trip to Donner Summit on October 7th.

Dr. Donald J. Raleigh Talk

On September 25 at 7:30 in the Zinng Recital Hall an award-winning scholar will be speaking on the reasons why the tsarist government fell and the Bolsheviks came to power.  Dr. Donald J. Raleigh was the first American allowed into the closed Russian city of Saratov and the first to look at how the Revolution was experienced outside the two capitals of Moscow and St. Petersburg.  His talk will address the reasons for the Bolshevik victory and will include Russia today and the thorny problem of commemorating the Revolution

Chico News and Review Article Highlights Local Landmark Preservation

Chico State history professor Michael Magliari is trying to find alternatives to demolishing Chico’s iconic water towers. Read more about it in this Chico News & Review article.

Chico News and Review Article on Human Trafficking in Butte County

History faculty member, Kate Transchel, is featured in this local news story on human trafficking in Butte County. 

Chico Statements Highlights Student Project on WWI Veterans in Chico Area

Chico Statements writes about a student project where they studied local veterans who died in World War I in Professor Magliari's Archival Research Seminar. Read "Hidden Histories: Uncovering the Unknown Soldier" here.

C-SPAN airs interviews with three Chico State History faculty

In March, C-SPAN came to Chico and interviewed three specialists in American history about books they had authored. Bob Cottrell spoke about his book Sex, Drugs, and Rock ’n’ Roll: The Rise of America’s 1960s Counterculture, Mike Magliari spoke of the book he wrote with Mike Gillis titled John Bidwell and California: The Life and Writings of a Pioneer, 1841-1900, and Jeff Livingston was interviewed about his book Swallowed by Globalism: John M. Vorys and American Foreign Policy. The interviews, which aired in early April, can be viewed here. 

McIntosh-Hutchinson Award

Announcing the McIntosh-Hutchinson Graduate Fellowship Award. For more information, click here.

Jeanette Adame

In spring 2016, Jeanette Adame graduated with her B.A. in History and a minor in Music and won the HFA Outstanding Student Leader award. She entered the History Department’s graduate program in fall 2016 and is working on a thesis that studies free and enslaved African American populations in Spanish New Orleans Court systems from 1762-1801. This summer she will be working in the New Orleans archives to complete the primary research for her project.

Carol Celic

Carol A. Celic earned her Bachelor of Arts degree in Humanities and Communication at California State University, Monterey Bay and is currently pursuing a Master’s degree in History at Chico State.  Her Master's thesis explores the unique history of a diverse group of California’s work force – the ranch workers employed on the Caire Ranch located on California's Santa Cruz Island in the late nineteenth century.  She is conducting research on the labor needs of the ranch, the ranch workers, and the particular skill sets the employees brought with them.

History Writing Center

The History Writing Center (HWC) is here to help students improve their historical researching and writing skills. The HWC provides tutoring in a variety of related areas, including research methodology, finding and evaluating sources, proper citation, and tips specifically related to academic writing in the field of history. The HWC also offers editing services for draft papers, and provides advice on overcoming common stumbling blocks encountered by students.