History Department

Declaring a History Major or Minor

Browse through the History Department’s Web site for help in deciding whether to declare a history major, minor, or certificate. Look at the two options for a bachelor’s degree in history, the General History Option and the Social Science Pre-Credential Option. The Social Science Pre-Credential Option is for students who intend to become middle school or high school teachers; the General History Option is for everyone else who wants to major in history. It is also wise to speak with an advisor before making a decision. Once you have decided on a program, you need to declare your intentions: complete the plan change form online, print it, and bring it to your advisor for signature.

After declaring your history major, download the appropriate program advising log and keep it on your computer. Update it every semester and be sure to email an up-to-date copy to your advisor before each visit to him or her.
Program Advising Logs:

Advising is mandatory for all history majors.

Plan to spend some time discussing your program and plans when you ask your advisor to sign your undergraduate plan change form. Before bringing in the change form for your advisor’s signature, you should e-mail him or her your up-to-date program advising log. 

Whenever you meet with your advisor, be sure to bring a complete transcript of all your college and university coursework (you can download an unofficial CSU Chico transcript and a Transfer Credit Report from the Portal).