The Humanities Center

The theme for this year is “Translation.”

We have an exciting schedule of tertulias, films, panels and speakers that will explore the many meanings and problems of translation, broadly construed. Is it possible to fully translate a poem or novel into another language? A work of art or piece of music into another genre? Our experiences, memories, ideals, and visions into verbal expressions and material forms? Is it more important to stay true to the literal meaning of the original, or should translation be a creative and dialogic process through which something new comes forth? This year we’ll have heated debates about untranslatability and the limitations and triumphs of translation. We’ll also hear from campus experts and guest speakers from Stanford University and Brown University, including award-winning writer and translator, Forrest Gander. All our events are open to faculty from all disciplines, interested students, staff, and community members. I invite you to come to Trinity Hall and share in our year-long journey exploring this intriguing theme.

Sarah M. Pike, Director
CSU, Chico, Humanities Center