How to be a Web Contributor

Create an Account

  1. Determine appropriate server:
    1. Chico State has two main servers that web pages can be created on. Pick the server that applies to you.
  2. Initialize Account
    1. Main campus web server
      1. is the main campus web server. This server is available for department and organizational web pages. The M3 directory is the directory that webdocs need to be routed to. If you are a faculty or staff member desiring a Web account for departmental/organizational use (access to departmental Web areas), fill out the online web application
      2. After filling out the application for being a web contributor, you will receive an e-mail confirmation that either allows or disallows you access. If you are requesting access to your department's web directory, the person in charge of the directory will be contacted for permission.
    2. Myweb - Personal Web Space
      1. is the staff, faculty and student web server. This server is available for personal pages. In order to be a web contributor for a personal or class page you need to initialize your account by going to the MyWeb website.
    3. Campus-Unix Server
      1. is housed on the campus-Unix server. This server is available for web pages that are associated with the College of ECST and the College of Business. To obtain an ECST account, students will need to contact the ECST help desk at x4950.
  3. Wait 24 Hours for the account to be initialized.