Centennial and Flentrop Organs

Centennial Organ

Built by Munetaka Yokota with assistance from faculty, student and community volunteers during the University Centennial Celebration, 1984-90.

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Stop List

Hauptwerk (Great)Oberwerk (Swell, enclosed)
Principal (in facade) 16ft Quintadena 16ft
Octav Principal (facade) 8ft Principal 8ft
Viol di Gamba 8ft Unda maris (a-) 8ft
Hohlfloete 8ft Quintadena 8ft
Octava 4ft Gedackt 8ft
Spitzfloete 4ft Octava 4ft
Quinta 3ft Rohrfloete 4ft
Octava 2ft Nasat 3ft
Tertia 1-3/5ft Octava 2ft
Mixtur IV (16' chorus) 2ft Tertia 1-3/5ft
Cymbel III(8' chorus) 1-1/3ft Quinta 1-1/3ft
Cornet IV (c or cs-) 4ft Sifflet 1ft
Fagott 16ft Mixtur (Scharf) IV 1-1/3ft
Trompete (German) 8ft Trompette (French) 8ft
Glockenspiel (c-) 16ft 4ft Vox humana 16ft 8ft
Gross Untersatz 32ft Tremulant
Principal Bass 16ft 2 Cymbelsterns
Octav Bass 8ft Couplers: II/I, II/P, I/P
Octav Bass 4ft Vogelgesang (Bird song)
Mixture VII (prepared)   Wind System: electric blower or
Posaunen Bass 16ft 5 hand-operated single-fold bellows
Trompeten Bass 8ft Compass: Man.: C-g,a3, Ped.: C-f1
Cornet Bass 4ft Temperament: Kellner/Bach
Cornet (prepared) 2ft

Pitch: a-440

A Brustwerk division of 10-12 stops has been prepared. 

Flentrop Positif Pipe Organ

D. A. Flentrop Orgelbouw, Zaandam, Holland

Built in Holland, 1975; Installed in Chico, CA, 1976. Case is made of African mahogany. Natural keys are covered with grenadil wood. Sharp keys are covered with cow bone. The organ is mounted on a matching movable platform.

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MANUAAL (Compass: C-g3; 56 notes)
Prestant 8vt (30 pipes in facade; notes 1-12 from Holpijp 8vt)
Holpijp 8vt (bass/discant*)
Octaaf 4vt
Fluit 4vt (bass/discant*)
Quint 2-2/3vt (discant*)
Octaaf 2vt
Terts 1-3/5vt (discant*)
Mixtuur III
  (* divided b/c1 or c1/c#1)

Pedal (Compass: C-d1; 27 notes)

Subbass - 16vt

  • Pedaal Koppel
  • Cymbelster (wind driven bell-star)
  • Tremulant (doux)
  • Pitch: a-440
  • Temperament: Werckmeister III

Stop list prepared by David Rothe, University Organist
For a complete description of this organ by Munetaka Yokota see:
The Historic Organ in America, published by The Westfield Center for Early Keyboard Studies