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Wai-hung Wong, Professor
(Ph.D. University of California, Berkeley)

Wai-hung Wong received his Ph.D. in philosophy from the University of California, Berkeley in 2001. His areas of specialization are epistemology and metaphysics, and his research interests include ethics, the philosophy of religion, and the philosophy of science. He joined the faculty at California State University, Chico in 2002 and teaches epistemology, metaphysics, history of analytic philosophy, philosophical methods, and introduction to philosophy. His publications have been focusing on epistemological skepticism and the concept of justification. He has just completed a book manuscript on problems concerning life's meaningfulness, tentatively entitled Meaningful Lives and Identities, and is now working on several papers on different topics (justification, nothingness, and the need for explanation). He is on the board of the Humanities Center at CSU, Chico. Besides philosophy, he is interested in literature, psychology, evolutionary theories, classical music, jazz, movies, martial arts, card magic, and cooking.

Selected publications:

    "A Normative Account of the Need for Explanation", co-authored with Zanja Yudell, Synthese 192 (2015), pp.2863-2885

    "How Fallacious Is the Consequence Fallacy?", co-authored with Zanja Yudell, Philosophical Studies 165 (2013), pp.221-227

    "What the Skeptic Still Can't Learn from How We Use the Word 'Know'", in J. Bridges, N. Kolodny & W. Wong (eds), The Possibility of Philosophical Understanding: Reflections on the Thought of Barry Stroud (Oxford University Press, 2011), pp.124-144

    "The Cosmic Lottery", International Journal for Philosophy of Religion 66 (2009), pp.155-165

    "Internalism about Justification and the Skeptic's Dilemma", Erkenntnis 71 (2009), pp.361-375

    "What Williamson's Anti-Luminosity Argument Really Is", Pacific Philosophical Quarterly 89 (2008), pp.536-543

    "Meaningfulness and Identities", Ethical Theory and Moral Practice 11 (2008), pp.123-148

    "Moore, the Skeptic, and the Philosophical Context", Pacific Philosophical Quarterly 87 (2006), pp.271-287

    "The Skeptical Paradox and the Indispensability of Knowledge-Beliefs", Synthese 143 (2005), pp.273-290

    "Strawson's Anti-Scepticism: A Critical Reconstruction", Ratio 16 (2003), pp.290-306

    "The Problem of Insulation", Philosophy 77 (2002), pp.349-373

    "Interpretive Charity, Massive Disagreement, and Imagination", Canadian Journal of Philosophy 29 (1999), pp.49-74

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