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Writing contest

The writing contest is held each year towards the end of the spring semester, giving philosophy majors and minors a chance to show their argumentative skills and philosophical understanding in writing. Students arrive at the contest site with blank paper and no idea what they'll be challenged to write about. The topic is announced, and everyone writes for a set amount of time. Then each student presents his or her essay to all assembled. These essays will be judged blind by three faculty members and one winner will be selected. The winner will be awarded $100.

The 2012 writing contest was held on May 7, 5:30-6:30pm in Butt 102. Prof. Joe Hwang, Prof. Troy Jollimore, and Prof. Becky Cox-White served as judges.

Participants were asked to write on the following topic:

(1) Anyone who advocates tolerance is against intolerance.
(2) Anyone who is against intolerance is intolerant of intolerance.
(3) Therefore, anyone who advocates tolerance is necessarily intolerant in some respect.
(4) Therefore, no one who advocates tolerance can be completely tolerant.

Evaluate the above argument

The winner this year is Michael Fitzpatrick.

For more information, please contact Prof. Wai-hung Wong.