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FedEx logoFederal Express (FedEx) offers competitive pricing for our campus for both Domestic and International shipping services. Outgoing FedEx shipments no larger than the size of a mail tub will be picked up by Mail Services on your department's regular mail route. For outgoing packages larger than the size of a mail tub, please contact Shipping & Receiving to schedule a pick-up. Mail Services and Shipping & Receiving will fulfill other custom pick-ups to the best of our abilities given ample notice.

Advantages to using FedEx services include:

  • Multiple time-sensitive and economically varied service levels
  • Individual tracking numbers for each shipment automatically included
  • Automatic e-mail service updates from about your shipment (when using the FedEx Ship Request document)

Disadvantages to using FedEx may include:

  • While versatile, FedEx services are not always the least expensive

Is FedEx the right carrier for you? Use our resources below to find your answer, send us an e-mail, or simply give us a call (530-898-5326) and we'll help you get your package on the road!

FedEx Supplies and Resources

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FedEx Airbills
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FedEx Resources and Forms

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FedEx Envelopes,
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Use our Domestic Ship Request form
Link to Mail services' FedEx Domestic Ship Request form

How To Ship Using FedEx

To ship using FedEx, put your contents into a FedEx envelope, box, tube, or your own packaging, then fill out a FedEx Airbill and attach it to the outside of your FedEx envelope, box, tube, or own packaging.

For same day shipment, your FedEx package must be at Print & Mail Services before 2:30 p.m. or the Shipping & Receiving Warehouse (1205 W 7th Street) before 3:00 p.m. on the day of your intended shipment. Shipments received during your normal delivery/pick-up time will be shipped the same day it is picked up. Packages received after 3:00 p.m. will be held safely and shipped the following day.

If your FedEx shipment is smaller than the size of a mail tub, Mail Services personnel will pick it up on your department's regular mail route.

To schedule a FedEx pick-up for your packages larger than the size of a mail tub, contact Shipping & Receiving via e-mail, or call (530) 898-5115. E-mails received before 12:00 p.m. will be picked up the same day. Please include your building, room number, and total number of packages to be picked-up when requesting this service.

Please contact us with shipment requests as far in advance as possible.

Our Represented Carriers and Services

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