Mail Tips

Mail delivery occurs Monday-Friday between 1-3 p.m.  The campus has three mail routes and each mail carrier completes the route in the most efficient order possible for their individual needs. It is our goal to provide the campus community with the best customer service possible, Mail Services offers the following mail tips:
  • Clearly designate your mail area and have your mail station at about waist height.
  • Notify Mail Services of department closures and supply requests for U.S. Postal supplies, FedEx supplies, tubs and trays, and intra-campus envelopes.
  • Large volumes of mail of more than one mail tub or tray should request a special pick-up by emailing Mail Services. Emails before noon will be picked up the same day. Include your building, room number, total number of mail tubs.
  • Postage stamp requests should be emailed to Mail Services and cc: Cody Johns. Requests received by 10:45 AM will be filled the same day, depending on inventory.
  • Recycle rubber bands by sending them back to Mail Services, campus zip 920.
  • Mail Services can seal your envelopes. When sending multiple letters, stack the envelopes with their flaps up so the flaps are nested.
  • International mail needs additional postage and should be sorted separately from domestic mail. Please paperclip or rubber band mail to identify international.
  • Your mailbag should only contain outgoing University mail that requires metering. Stamped University mail and intra-campus mail should be outside and on top of your mailbag. Please rubber band stamped mail together if more than one piece.
  • For intra-campus mail, please provide the recipient's name and campus zip.
  • For personal stamped mail, a personal mail drop is located at Conference Services, BMU 102 (located in the southwest corner of the main lobby, near the restrooms). This mail is picked up once a day at 1 p.m. and is given to the U.S. Postal Service.
  • Mail Services will pick up U.S. Postal mail and all packages that are no larger than a mail tub. Email Shipping to pick up packages larger than a mail tub. Emails before noon will be picked up the same day. Include your building, room number, total number of packages, and the carrier's name (UPS, FedEx, USPS, OnTrac, or Other).
  • CSU, Chico's five-digit zip code is 95929. Four digit zip codes are specific to each department and should be included. Address mail as follows:

     Your Name
     Your Department
     CSU, Chico
     Chico, CA 95929-(your 4-digit department zip)

  • United States Postal Service (USPS) First Class mail is handled as follows: Postage is applied using an automated mail meter machine and is "post marked" with the next day's date. The mail is then picked up by a company that pre-sorts our mail and delivers it to the post office in Sacramento. For example, mail picked up from your office on December 13 is postmarked for December 14 and arrives at the Sacramento Post Office on December 14. Presorting ensures that mail gets to the Sacramento Post Office at the same time or faster than had the mail been dropped off at the Chico Post Office on the same day. Presorting also means that mail will arrive at its destination faster, resulting in improved mail delivery. Should the need arise for a same day "postmark," please let Mail Services know and we'll be happy to take care of that for you. To request a same day "postmark," attach a note to each item that clearly states: SAME DAY SERVICE.