Executive Memoranda 1986

EM #DateTitle
86-001January 10, 1986Definitions of a Major and a Minor; Supercedes EM 75-006; Revised 11/18/05
86-002February 05, 1986Redesignation of "schools" as "colleges"
86-003February 27, 1986Instructional Computing Advisory Group (ICAG); Revision to EM 79-002
86-004February 18, 1986General Education Program
86-0051986Adjunct Appointments at CSU, Chico
86-006July 24, 19861987-88 and 1988-89 Academic Calendars
86-007July 31, 1986Policy on Sexual Assault and Gang Sexual Assault
86-008August 18, 1986Criteria For the Formation of Schools
86-009October 06, 1986Faculty Recognition and Support Committee
86-010October 03, 1986Research and Grant Development Council
86-011October 31, 1986Revisions to Student Grievance Procedures; Supersedes EM 78-009, EM 80-007, and EM 83-007
86-012December 15, 1986Guidelines for Speech and Advocacy; Superceded by EM 14-013