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Information Technology

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Center for Technology Equity

The mission of the Center for Technology Equity is to ensure that every member of the campus community has equitable access to the digital tools and resources necessary for thriving in today's interconnected world. We aim to empower students, faculty, and staff with the means to seamlessly access online learning platforms, research materials, and collaborate with peers and instructors, regardless of their socio-economic backgrounds. In today's educational environment access to technology equity resources is not just a luxury, but a fundamental requirement.

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The Division of IT supports Chico State's mission through a wide range of services and partnerships across the University. Our primary focus is on providing information technology products and services that meet the needs of the Chico State community and achieve the highest level of customer satisfaction. We strive to align technology vision with academic, administrative, and fiscal strategy by integrating institutional processes with the appropriate technologies. Learn more about our Division:

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International Travel Security

Traveling for business or leisure often increases the risk of cyber targeting. Practice safe online behavior and security of internet-enabled mobile devices. Our article on international travel security provides tips and best practices for protecting your information while traveling abroad.

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Wireless Updates

The Division of IT took feedback from the IT End-User Survey last spring and responded by expanding the wireless connectivity on campus this summer by installing about 160 new Wireless Access Points in University Village, on-campus residence halls, and within the following buildings: Holt, Glenn, Langdon, and O'Connell. 600 existing access points were also upgraded throughout campus to provide faster speeds, and less bandwidth congestion.