Information Technology

Telecom Infrastructure Documentation

Campus Telecom Standards Document

The CSU, Chico Telecom Standards document is a document that provides a cliff notes version of our campus construction specifications. This document is used primarily for projects conducted in concert with Facilities Management and/or DOC contractors.

Specific Topic One-sheets and Campus Reference Documents

These single page reference documents are provided for small projects; such as conduit additions, outdoor construction, wall penetrations or HVAC changes.

Division 27 and 28 Specifications

These telecommunications specifications are provided to contractors during larger campus projects. They comply with the TIPS documents from the CSU Chancellor's Office, and extend these standards to include specific campus requirements.

Division 27

Division 28

Chancellor's Office Telecommunications Infrastructure Planning Standards (TIPS) Document

 The TIPS Document provides general telecommunications standards from the CSU Chancellor's Office to all 23 CSU Campuses. This document provides standards that form a baseline, and our local requirements take over from that point.

Links to Campus Facility Information

These links are documents, plans and maps to help locate and classify campus facilities and locations.

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