Information Technology

IT Strategic Plan for Today and Beyond

The Division of IT has released its IT Strategic Plan (PDF), demonstrating its promise and commitment to the organization's current and future success. It outlines how the Division of IT will collaborate with the campus community to achieve the university's vision for a sustainable future through the effective use of technology. The strategic plan is thoughtfully aligned with Chico State's three strategic priorities: Equity, Diversity & Inclusion, Civic and global engagement, and resilient and sustainable systems.

Through the IT strategic plan, the division aims to explore innovative ways of leveraging technology for the benefit of the campus community, ensuring the delivery of exceptional experiences to its customers through various services and products. As a dynamic document, the strategic plan will adapt and evolve alongside advancements in technology, enabling the Division of IT to address the unique and unprecedented challenges of the times effectively.

Six Strategic Pillars

  1. Equity Diversity and Inclusion
  2. Operational Efficiency and Effectiveness
  3. Governance and Decision Making
  4. IT as a Strategic Partner
  5. Empowering Students and Student Success
  6. Innovation, Transformation, and Agility