Information Technology

IT Departments

The Division of IT provides comprehensive technology services that support teaching, learning, research, and university business operations at Chico State.

DoIT Org Chart (PDF)

Academic Technology consultant Marjorie Shepherd assists with instructional design.

Academic Technology (ATEC)
The Academic Technology department integrates technology to enhance teaching, learning, and research. We offer support services, instructional design, multimedia production, LMS utilization, and technical assistance. We collaborate with faculty and departments to identify needs, develop solutions, and promote technology use.
Classroom Tech530-898-5475 | ATEC, 530-898-3280

Computing & Communications Services

Computing & Communications Services (CCSV)
The Computing & Communications Services department maintains a reliable technology infrastructure, ensuring seamless connectivity and secure data management for the campus community. We provide efficient technical support for hardware, software, and network-related issues.
CCSV Staff Directory | 530-898-4616

Creative Media and Technology

Creative Media & Technology (CMT)
Creative Media & Technology specializes in producing visually captivating communication products. Our team excels in delivering engaging video content, impactful graphic design, environmental graphics, photography, and high-quality printing.
CMT Staff Directory | 530-898-4295

Enterprise Applications

Enterprise Applications (EAPP)
Enterprise Applications (EAPP) manages and supports crucial computing applications for core University processes. We oversee projects and ensure effective system implementation. Customer Engagement is a priority with initiatives like Chico State 360 and the Portal.
EAPP Staff Directory530-898-4992

Information Security

Information Security and Identity Management Office (ISEC)
The Information Security and Identity Management Office (ISEC) collaborates with campus partners to ensure system security, confidentiality, and compliance. Our team maintains identity and access management systems for secure resource access.
ISEC Staff Directory | 530-898-6520

Institutional Research and Strategic Analytics (IRSA)

Institutional Research and Strategic Analytics (IRSA)
Institutional Research and Strategic Analytics (IRSA) supports Chico State's mission and goals by deploying data analytics and business intelligence strategies to support the breadth of business decisions ranging from operational to strategic and in collaboration with our strategic campus partners.
IRSA Staff Directory | 530-898-5623


IT Administrative Service Center (IASC)
The IT Administrative Service Center (IASC) manages HR and financial services for the Information Technology department, ensuring smooth operation and support. Our dedicated staff ensures accessible and relevant information, benefiting the entire division.
IASC Staff Directory530-898-3600


IT Support Services (ITSS)
IT Support Services (ITSS) provides comprehensive technical support to the campus community, including faculty, staff, and students. The Knowledge Base serves as a self-serve online library for tech support topics.
ITSS Staff Directory530-898-4357

Office of the CIO

Office of the CIO
Chico State's Chief Information Officer is passionate about developing information technology organizations that maximize the productivity and customer focus of resources and people in support of education, research, and administrative services. We are leading efforts around organization change, culture development, leadership development, talent management, and diversity, equity, inclusion, and belonging.
DoIT Staff Directory530-898-6212

Project Management

Project and Change Management Office (PCMO)
The Project and Change Management Office (PCMO) supports Chico State’s mission by providing consistent project and change management processes in executing technological initiatives, improving business processes across campus, and supporting change adoption of transformational programs in service to students, faculty, and staff.
PMCO Staff Directory, 530-898-6212 | Process Evaluation and Continuous Improvement

Technology Equity and Inclusion

Technology Equity and Inclusion (TEIN)
Technology and Accessibility Services ensures a digital environment that is accessible to all. Web Services provides support for creating high-quality web pages. Accessible Technology Services focuses on accessibility, assistive technology, and alternative format materials.
TEIN Staff Directory | 530-898-6532