Information Technology

Computer Lab Use Policy

Failure to comply with the below policies may lead to revoking your lab use privileges.

  • No food, drink, or tobacco is allowed in the labs. Any food or drink in your possession must be kept in a closed pack, purse, etc. while using the lab.
  • Lab computers are for academic use. Chat functions and game playing are restricted from all computers except as required for academic purposes.
  • Users should take care not to display images, sounds, or messages which could create an atmosphere of discomfort or harassment to others. Students should make arrangements through their instructor for a private work area if a class assignment requires them to access such materials.
  • Users must not tamper with lab computers. This includes adding or removing any devices (except for USB drives).
  • Wired network ports in labs are for state-owned computers only. Plugging personal computers into the wired lab network is prohibited.
  • Users must not intentionally disrupt the campus computing system or obstruct the work of other users, including sending chain letters or blanket e-mail messages, or knowingly consuming inordinately large amounts of system resources.
  • All students are responsible for using campus computer resources in accordance with the campus Acceptable Use Policy. By using campus resources you agree to abide by these policies.

Additional Resources and Related Information

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