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Records Retention

CSU Executive Order No. 1031 is intended to ensure compliance with legal and regulatory requirements regarding records retention while implementing appropriate operational best practices.

More information, as well as system-wide records schedule series, are available at CSU Records and Retention.

Records Series Custodians

Each campus must ensure that appropriate campus department(s) implements the records/information retention and disposition schedules for that area, including designating official campus custodian(s) for each type of record. Records/information custodians are responsible for controlling the administration of records/information in all media forms and for valuing such records/information in accordance with retention authority requirements. The retention and disposition of records/information are to conform to standards set forth within EO 1031 retention and disposition schedules issued in conjunction with this executive order.

These schedules are not to be abridged or altered except to add specific guidance regarding the retention and disposition of unique, campus-specific records/information. Each series or schedule will be periodically reviewed and updates will be posted to this website.

System-wide Retention Schedules

Student Records Retention Schedules

The University Office of the Registrar is responsible for student records retention and disposition schedules.

CSU, Chico student disposition schedules as defined by the Office of the Registrar.

Questions regarding records retention and disposition at CSU, Chico should be referred to the Office of the Registrar.

Chico State Records Series Custodians

CSU Records and Retention identifies subject matter experts, who can answer questions related to the retention and disposition schedule for each record series. Campus questions related to the retention and disposition schedule should be directed to the records series custodians listed in the table below.

Official campus custodian for each records series
Schedule SeriesRecord Series Custodian

1.0 Personnel/Payroll

AVP for Staff Human Resources

2.0 Fiscal

AVP of Financial Services and University Budget

2.5 Budget

AVP for Budget and Operations

3.0 Environmental Health & Safety

Director, Environmental Health & Safety

4.0 Student Records

University Registrar

5.0 Facilities

Director, Facilities Management and Services

6.0 University Police

Chief of Police

7.0 University Advancement

Director of Advancement Services and Annual Fund

8.0 Academic Personnel

Associate Vice President for Academic Personnel

9.0 Curriculum & Accreditation

Associate Vice Provost for Academic Affairs

10.0 Grants & Sponsored Programs

Chief Executive Officer of Chico State Enterprises

11.0 Institutional Records

Chief of Staff

The campus "Vital" Records Series and the identified custodians.
Records SeriesOfficial Campus Custodian
Associated Students
AS Executive Director
Information Technology
Chief Information Officer
Chico State Enterprises
Chief Executive Officer of Chico State Enterprises
Risk Management
Vice President for Business & Finance

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