Executive Memoranda 1993

EM #DateTitle
93-001January 27, 1993Animal Welfare Policy; Replaces EM 91-015; Revised by EM 09-006
93-002February 17, 1993 Approval for Termination of BS in Home Economics
93-003February 17, 1993Add and Drop Procedures; Supercedes EM 81-013; Superceded by EM 96-052
93-004April 05, 1993Human Subjects Policy
93-005April 15, 1993Revised Organization of the School of Education; Rescinded by EM 11-007
93-006April 15, 1993Department of Communication Arts and Sciences
93-007May 12, 1993Certificate in Public History
93-008May 14, 1993Resolution for Creating and Implementing a Required Orientation Program for New Students
93-009May 19, 1993Guidelines for Faculty/Student Relationships
93-010July 09, 1993Policy for Registration Priorities
93-011January 03, 1994Not Issued (See EM 93-017)
93-012August 30, 1993Approval of Center for Manufacturing Excellence
93-013August 30, 1993Approval of Center for Geographic Education
93-014September 02, 19931993-1994 Writing Proficiency Courses
93-015September 01, 1993Revision to the BA in Psychology
93-016September 08, 1993Revisions to the BA in Speech Pathology and Audiology
93-017November 30, 1993Proposed Revisions to EM 93-011, Budget-Induced Academic Program Elimination Procedure FS 93-20
93-018November 16, 1993Approval of the Center for Mathematics and Science Education
93-019December 03, 1993Approval of the Pacific Wellness Institute