Centers, Institutes & other Funded Programs

Campus Centers and Institutes (CCIs) serve as valuable resources for fostering and facilitating collaborative, integrative and interdisciplinary educational and research programs that can respond to emerging opportunities and needs, engage external entities public and private, develop and share cutting-edge research infrastructure, provide important community and regional services, and address workforce or technology demands.  CCIs are typically established with specific missions and functions, and provide many benefits to CSU Chico and its stakeholders.  A listing of CSU Chico’s CCIs is provided below and is also available through the CSU Chancellor’s Office

Academic Technologies (ATEC)

CA Pavement Preservation Center (CPPC)

Center for Economic Development (CED)

     Northeastern California Small Business Development Center (SBDC)

Center for Water and Environment (CWE)

     Aquatic Bioassessment Laboratory (ABL)

Center for Mathematics and Science Education (CMSE)

Center for Healthy Communities (CHC)

Education for the Future   

Geographical Information Center (GIC)

PASSAGES – Adult Resource Center