Spanish Honors Program

Spanish majors who have performed very well in the major courses may pursue the Honors Program which is comprised of a Spanish Honors Seminar, and of an individual research project with a faculty member whose area of� expertise matches the topic the student wishes to study.

To be eligible for Honors in Spanish, students must have completed the following courses with grades that place them in the top 5% of� Spanish Majors. Required: minimum 3.3 overall GPA, and 3.5 Spanish GPA.

6 units required:

����������� SPAN 104A��� Grammar and composition

����������� SPAN 104B��� Reading and composition

3 units required from:

����������� SPAN 105A��� Approaches to Hispanic Literture, Latin America

����������� SPAN 105B��� Approaches to Hispanic Literature, Spain

3 units required from:

120 or higher level


Student must ask a faculty member familiar with his/her academic performance in the major to write a letter of recommendation, addressed to the Honors Adviser.

After acceptance, and with the assistance of the recommending faculty, the student must select a topic for her/his Senior Honors Thesis and find a Thesis Director.

Upon verification that eligibility criteria have been met, the student will be interviewed by the Department Chair and the Department Honors Adviser.� The student will be notified in writing by the Department Chair of acceptance into the program.


6 units in addition to those required by the Spanish Major from:

270-H Spanish Honors Seminar �� 3 unit Honors Course in Spanish.�

The course will focus on: 1) major literary periods and authors from Latin America and Spain.� 2) Major literary critics and theorists of Hispanic literature and culture. 3) Introduction to general literary theory.

Spanish-299-H� Spanish Honors Senior Thesis �3 units independent study

This is a 3-unit independent study.� It will normally be taken in the last two semesters of the student�s career, and it may be taken concurrently with the Honors Seminar.� The Honors Senior Thesis will involve research on a critical or scholarly topic and preparation of a substantial paper (40 pages). The Student will work closely and regularly with the Thesis Director and meet with the Honors Adviser to assure appropriate progress.

No later than three weeks before the end of the second semester, the student will present results of the research to an audience of faculty and students.� A close-to-final draft of the paper should be ready at this time.


The student must receive a B or better on the Spanish Honors Seminar and on the Honors Thesis and maintain a B average in all major coursework to receive Honors in the Major credit.

Successful completion of all Honors in the Major requirements will be noted on the student�s permanent academic record, who will receive a certificate of completion and a medal from the Department.

A student failing to enroll and/or complete either 270H or 299H with a grade B or above, will be dropped from� the Honors Program, and will be so notified by the Chair of the Department.� Should a student complete 270H or 299H with a passing grade lower than a B, she/he will receive the appropriate units of credit assigned to each course but will not graduate with Honors in the Major on his/her transcript.