Honors Course Description

COURSE OUTLINE FOR 270-H,� �Honors in Spanish Seminar�

Dr. Pilar Alvarez-Rubio

Requirements:� Admission to Spanish Honors Program.

Texts: Cervantes y Saavedra, Miguel.� One of the �Exemplary novels�

����������� Garc�a M�rquez, Gabriel. Cien a�os de soledad

����������� Raman Selden and Peter Widdowson, A Reader�s Guide to Contemporary Literary

����������� Theory.� Latest edition.

����������� Rulfo, Juan. Pedro P�ramo


����������� Course Reader:

Part I: related works to primary texts by theorists and critics from/about Latin America and Spain: A. Rama, A. Cornejo Polar, Fern�ndez Retamar, M. Benedetti, C. Fuentes, O. Paz, J. Franco,� J. Ludmer, B. Pastor, A.M. Garibay, G. Guti�rrez, J. Mar�as, Ortega y Gasset,� G.G. ������ Brown, A. Deyermond, M. Le�n Portilla, etc.

����������� Part II: selection of primary texts that will include prose, poetry, essay, and drama.

Evaluation:� One research paper (15 pages).� This paper will eventually become the Honors Thesis,which is to be completed as an independent study in the following semester (min. 30 pages),� 30%

����������������������� Two take-home midterm exams,� 30%

����������������������� Participation in assigned discussion pannels,� 15%

���������������������� Individual presentation on research,� 25%

Tentative Schedule

Week 1: Medieval Literature

Introduction to the course. Primary texts: El Cid (selection).� Partial screening of El Cid by TVE.�

Week 2: Golden Age Prose

Primary texts: El Cid (selection), Jarchas, Sem Tob, La Celestina

Critical and theoretical readings:� E.R. Curtius, �Heroes and Rulers�

Week 3: Golden Age Prose

Cervantes, La gitanilla.

Lazarillo de Tormes (Part I)

Critical and theoretical readings: Am�rico Castro, �El pensamiento de Cervantes�

Reader-oriented theories

Week 4: Golden Age Poetry and Drama

Theatre - Lope de Vega: �Fuente Ovejuna�, and Calder�n: �La vida es sue�o� (selecci�n)

Barroque poetry: G�ngora, Quevedo

Critical and theoretical readings: J. A. Maravall, �La cultura del Barroco: una estructura hist�rica�

Week 5: Pre-Columbian Literatures

Theatre: Ollantay �(selection)

Poetry: quechua and n�huatl

Critical and theoretical readings: J. M. Arguedas, Introduction to Ollantay

Structuralism - Metaphor and mentonimy

Week 6: Colonial Literature I

American Barroque - Sor Juana: sonetos and �La respuesta�

Cr�nicas - Inca Garcilaso de la Vega: Comentarios reales (selection)

Critical/theoretical readings: A. Cornejo Polar, �El Inca Garcilaso de la Vega o la armon�a imposible�. Feminist theories

Week 7: Colonial Literature II

Colonial Chronicles:� Guam�n Poma de Ayala (selection)

Bernal D�az del Castillo (selection)

Critical and theoretical readings:Jean Franco, Plotting Women (Chapter on Sor Juana)

Week 8: XIX Century Spain

Romanticism: G.A. B�cquer, poetry and prose.

�J. de Zorrilla, Juan Tenorio (selection)

Critical and theoretical readings: D.L. Shaw, Hist. de la lit. espa�ola, Cap. 7

Psychoanaytic theories

Week 9: XIX Century Latin America

J. F.Lizardi: El periquillo sarniento (selection)

J. Mart�: �Nuestra Am�rica�

Critical and theoretical readings: Fern�ndez Retamar on Mart�. Marxist theories

Week 10: Spain�s Prose, XX Century

Generaci�n del 98 - Unamuno: �Del sentimiento tr�gico de la vida�

Critical and theoretical readings: Ortega y Gasset: �Espa�a invertebrada�

Week 11: Spain�s Prose, XX Century

Civil War & Exile - R. Sender: Requiem por un campesino espa�ol

Critical and theoretical readings: G.G. Brown, �La novela del exilio�

New Historicism

Week 12: Spain�s Poetry, XX Century

Antonio Machado

Garc�a Lorca

Juan Ram�n Jim�nez

Critical and theoretical readings: Devoto and Spitzer, �Tradiciones y t�cnicas en la poes�a de Lorca�

Week 13: Latin America�s Prose, XX Century

Novel of the Mexican Revolution - M. Azuela: Los de abajo

The Vanguard - Borges: �El Aleph�

Post-Boom: Rosario Ferr�, �Amalia�

Critical and theoretical readings: Rama, Angel. �Transculturaci�n literaria�

Postcolonial theories

Week 14: Latin America�s Prose, XX Century

Magic Realism and the �Boom� - Garc�a M�rquez: Cien a�os de soledad

Critical and theoretical readings: Carpentier, Alejo. �Pr�logo� a El reino de este mundo

Week 15: Latin America�s Prose, XX Century

Garc�a M�rquez: Cien a�os de soledad

Critical and theoretical readings: Josefina Ludmer, Cien a�os de soledad: una interpretaci�n (selection)

Week 16: Latin America�s Poetry, XX Century

Dar�o, Neruda, Mistral, Storni, Vallejo, Guill�n, Cardenal, Paz

Critical and theoretical readings: Benedetti, Mario.� Los poetas comunicantes (selection)