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Art & Art History Department Update

This Fall, the Department of Art & Art History will have more than 50 fully or partly in-person courses! These will include all areas of Art Studio, as well as some courses in Art Education and Interior Architecture.

Access to our studios and other spaces will be contingent on changing conditions, and we’ll post updates here whenever we get new information.

Our galleries and museums are currently closed, and we will post updates about this Fall when we know more, but in the meantime, the Turner will post works from its print collection here on their Instagram page(opens in new window) and we will post student work on our various feeds, which can all be found in the "Taking Precautions Due to COVID-19" post below.

We are excited for and look forward to a wonderful semester with all our amazing students!

Chico State COVID-19 Hotline - 530-898-2222 

If you have any questions, please email Summer Armstrong at or Cameron Crawford at 

For emergencies please contact Campus PD using a Red Phone or by calling 898-5555
You can help keep students fed during the crisis! Donate today to the WildCat Pantry(opens in new window)!

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What's New at the Jacki Headley University Art Gallery

Now on display at the Jacki Headley UAG: FLASHPOINTS

 Click here to view this exhibit on the Jacki Headley University Art Gallery website(opens in new window)

For a preview of the exhibition, be sure to check out our 360-virtual tour below!

Department Video Series - "Final Videos"

Be sure to come and see a new series created by the faculty and instructors of the Art & Art History Department! In this series you get a sneak peek at their personal studios, and see how they're working to provide you with the best education possible during these uncertain times.

CLICK HERE to view this fun series!(opens in new window)

Chico State supports our students, regardless of their immigration status, and welcomes Muslim students, Jewish students, students of color, DREAMers, DACA students, and refugees; the Art & Art History Department supports all these students, and I support all these students. 
- Asa Mittman, Department of Art & Art History

Mission Statement

The Department of Art and Art History is dedicated to developing students' critical thinking, creativity, visual literacy, technical skills, and knowledge about the history of art. We provide high-quality instruction in Art Education, Art History, Studio Art, and Interior Architecture. In all areas, we endeavor to create an environment which supports professional artistic activities and research in traditional and new media and methodologies. Read our full mission statement here.