Department of Art & Art History

BFA Culminating Exhibitions

  • Natalie Jenkins - Displacement - October 2022
    A Culminating ExhibitionFor the Bachelor of Fine Arts Degree by:

    Natalie Jenkins


    • Professor J. Pouwel
    • Professor Trevor Lalaguna
    Artist Statement

    "Home embodies many nuances, such as being an emotional response to how a person or
    environment makes them feel or being an actual building where one resides. Having moved so
    often throughout the years, sentimental feelings that are often connected to a home were absent.
    Growing up, painting was an escape from these inconsistencies of my everyday life and now is
    used as a method of recollection. This body of work explores the differences between internal
    and external spaces of what a home can be.

    Process is an important aspect when creating each piece. Through the action of pouring,
    I consider principles of modernism such as allowing paint to be marks on a two dimensional
    surface, rather than create the illusion of depth. The fragmentation of space and monochromatic
    color palette create a sense of instability that distorts conventional representations of home which
    alludes to perceived nostalgia of times that are lost.

    I am influenced by American Abstract Expressionists Helen Frankenthaler and Robert
    Motherwell. Using Frankenthaler’s staining techniques creates contrast between the organic
    setting and the rigid planes in each work. Like Motherwell's work, I am drawn to Christopher
    Brown’s handling of scale and placement."

Natalie Jenkins Displacement show
Displacement Showcard
Natalie Jenkins Displacement show
Natalie Jenkins Displacement show
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Natalie Jenkins Displacement show
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Natalie Jenkins Displacement show
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Natalie Jenkins Displacement show
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Natalie Jenkins Displacement show
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