Department of Art & Art History


Ceramics courses are taught from a fine arts perspective. Our primary objective for students who have chosen ceramics as their "area of emphasis" is that they find, clarify, and strengthen their own voice in communicating ideas through the medium of ceramics. Toward that end, the well-rounded education in ceramics at CSU Chico includes a thorough grounding in the medium's technical processes; a strong awareness of contemporary issues in ceramic art (and the context from which contemporary ceramics has emerged); a firm understanding of professional procedures for the ceramic artist; and a focused development of students’ creativity, sense of aesthetics, critical thinking abilities, and communication skills. Courses emphasize artistic expression and challenge students to explore the range of ceramic processes. From hand-building and wheel-forming to mold-making, in low fire oxidation through high temperature reduction, CSU Chico's ceramics program provides students the opportunity for a comprehensive experience.

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