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Department of Art & Art History

Painting and Drawing

The Painting and Drawing Area is dedicated to the idea that the creative process involves both an artistic consciousness of the contemporary international world and its layers of cultural significance and the making of reactionary work which, in its interpretation, comments upon that world. At the foundational level, we teach the necessary formal two-dimensional elements of design. At the intermediate level, we add academic and modern/postmodern theories concerning the historical context and experimentation of painting and drawing. At the advanced level, we give guided instruction so that students may produce a serious and competent professional body of work. Our graduate instructors successfully push the parameters of the advanced undergraduate thinking into more intellectual reflection and conceptual commentary, help strengthen students’ formal and technical skills, and give strong guidance in career training as professional artists in the art world and as potential academic studio instructors.

Click here to see some of the amazing student work installed around campus!

Mural students with painting instructor J. Pouwels and Instructional Support Technician David Barta.