Comparative Religion and Humanities


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Fall 2018 CORH CONNECTION, Vol.6 Issue 1 (PDF)

In this issue:

  • On the Camp Fire and Religion by Greg Cootsona
  • Out of the Ashes by Sarah Gagnebin by Sarah Gagnebin
  • Eco-Safariing in Botswana by Sarah M. Pike
  • A Week in Nuremberg by Bruce Grelle
  • Two Philosophers, Me, and a Pastor in Oxford this June by Greg Cootsona
  • Teaching Great Books and Ideas in London by Laura Nice
  • A Summer Program in Thailand with Students by Joel Zimbelman
  • A Sisyphean* Summer by Jason Clower
  • Around the World in (about) 80 Days by Daniel Veidlinger
  • Appraising Christmas and Dickens:What I Did with my Summer by Donald Heinz
  • Sikh Parade Experience by Kailey Land
  • Kamal the Bhakti yogi by Jason Clower

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