Curriculum Services

Instructions for Creating an Electronic Course Proposal or Change Request (CPCR) Form

The Course Proposal or Change Request Form (CPCR) is used to add new courses to the Course Inventory File (CIF), make changes to existing courses, or inactivate (delete) courses that will no longer be offered.

The electronic CPCR form offers several key features including the inclusion of current information on the data entry screens and links to these guidelines for additional information. The data entry screens vary depending upon the action requested (i.e., add, delete, or change) and offer messages to assist you in completing the form correctly. Some entries will be made using pull down screens; others require that you fill in the necessary information or check boxes to indicate how you want the course set up or changed.

The new electronic version of this form is fully electronic.  Once creation of a CPCR is complete, the form will be forwarded electronically to the approvers selected by the form creator.  A paper copy of the CPCR does not need to be submitted to Curriculum Services.  Once all levels of approval have been completed, the form will be sent electronically to Curriculum Services for review and processing.  The creator can check the status of the CPCR by looking at the "Form Status" within "My Forms."  An Icon Legend is provided. 

Note: Please refer to the Academic Department Manual when planning curriculum changes.

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