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Academic Department Manual

How to Use the Academic Department Manual

This Academic Department Manual is meant to be a supplement to The University Catalog. The University Catalog is intended to be a comprehensive guide, including all academic requirements, policies and procedures that directly affect students, their faculty, and advisors.

The Academic Department Manual is intended to supplement the catalog, with additional policies and procedures of specific interest to the deans, department chairs, and faculty involved in department, college, or university curriculum and administrative work or projects. If a curriculum policy cannot be found in the Catalog, we hope you will find it in the Academic Department Manual.

If you are unable to locate a topic of interest to you in either document, please bring this to our attention. Direct your suggestions or questions to Curriculum Services in Academic Affairs. 

Table of Contents

Academic Organization

Catalog/Curriculum Deadlines

Course Numbering and Accessibility Policies

Centers and Institutes

  • EM 20-019: Policy on Oversight of Complementary Units (Including Centers and Institutes)

Course Additions, Deletions, Changes

CPCR Login (Course Proposal or Change Request) 

CPCR Login
On-campus network or VPN connection required.

Program Proposals and Changes

Minor Program Changes

New Programs

Significant Program Changes

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