Technology & Learning Program

Accessible Course Materials

"To the extent possible, instructional materials, including online course materials must be available to students with disabilities at the same time it is available to any other student enrolled in a course." -- the CSU Board of Trustees Policy on Disability Support and Accommodations (Executive Order 926)(opens in new window)

Check your Course Accessibility

Blackboard Ally is a tool that gives a quick look at the accessibility of your course materials. From your Blackboard Learn course menu, navigate to Course Management > Course Tools > Accessibility Report.

 Blackboard course menu showing Course Management, Course Tools menu open with arrow pointing to accessibility report

The four different gauges Ally uses to display accessibility.

Get Help Making Materials Accessible

The Technology and Learning Program (TLP), in conjunction with the Office of Accessible Technology Services (OATS), offers a turnkey solution for improving accessibility of course materials. 

  1. You submit a ticket through TeamDynamix for help with course accessibility.

  2. TLP contacts you to confirm prior to starting the work. 
    OATS may also contact you to request access to Google documents. 

  3. TLP copies all course content into Box, one of our campus cloud storage solutions.

  4. OATS accesses the materials from Box and remediates (fixes) as much of the materials as possible while also compiling notes and suggestions.

  5. TLP sets up a meeting with the faculty member to return documents and discuss pending action items and suggestions. Please do not skip this step. We may need you to add alternative text or other contextual information. 

View this 4 minute video on how faculty submit a course for remediation. 

To read more about what Ally does, how to use it, and how it can benefit your course please read the official documentation.

Consult the Ally introduction(opens in new window)

Walk through accessibility scenarios, and improve learning in your course (PDF) 

TLP's Course Accessibility Quick Checklist

When reviewing your course, consider these basic topics. 

Accessible Syllabus

Follow our guidelines on an accessible syllabus(opens in new window).


Those not available as e-books should be ordered at least six weeks before instruction begins through the Wildcat Bookstore. Remember that Chico State is committed to making accessible alternatives available at the same time as traditional materials.

Course Packs

Course Packs should be:
  • Clean and original copies
  • Free of highlighting, handwriting, or other markup.
  • Based on high quality source documents. Contact your subject matter librarian if you need assistance.

Accessible Documents and Materials

Other instructional materials such as Word, Acrobat PDF and PowerPoint documents should be accessible. Contact the Office of Accessible Technology & Services (OATS) for specifics.


Use Bb Learn in an accessible way. Watch the tutorial videos and view our online wiki material.

Audio/Visual Media

Video and audio media must have captions or a transcript available for students who need one. All videos uploaded to Kaltura are captioned automatically. Please contact Office of Accessible Technology & Services(OATS) for questions regarding provisions for captioning.

These basic topics help ensure that classes are in compliance with both Executive Order 926 and the Accessible Technology Initiative.