Center for Water and the Environment

Steffen Mehl

Professor of Civil Engineering

Research Interests 

Flow and transport modeling in hydrologic systems. Simulation of surface water/groundwater interactions. Parameter estimation and uncertainty analysis in hydrologic systems.

Research Projects

PI’s: Drs. Steffen Mehl and Eric Houk

Title: Water Conservation Alternatives in the Sacramento Valley

Funding Agency: ARI

Dates: 1/19/12 - 1/18/14

Award Amount: $65,110.00

Research Publications

Foglia, L., and S.W., Mehl, On regression methods and multimodel analysis, accepted, Water Resources Research.

Foglia, L., S. W. Mehl, M. C. Hill, and P. Burlando (2013), Evaluating model structure adequacy: The case of the Maggia Valley groundwater system, southern Switzerland, Water Resour. Res., 49, doi:10.1029/2011WR011779

Mehl, S. and Davids, J., 2011, Analysis of stream restoration efforts in depleted aquifer systems, MODFLOW and More 2011 conference proceeding.

Research Areas

Engineering, Water