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Big Chico Creek Watershed Tour

Big Chico Creek

About the Tour

Imagine following a drop of water along its journey, from its origin at the headwaters of Big Chico Creek all the way to the confluence with the Sacramento River. Over two weekends during the spring semester, students have the opportunity to do just that—thanks to a new one-unit course made possible by the Center for Water and the Environment (CWE).

Big Chico Creek Watershed Tour is an innovative new program for students through CWE. Students from across campus can apply for this 1-unit course to explore watershed issues from the headwaters of Big Chico Creek to its confluence.

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Tour Goals

The purpose is to engage students in complex, real-world problem-solving using a local watershed as the model for exploring issues in the context of larger, multifaceted environmental and societal systems. Students will learn with faculty from different departments across campus; engage with fellow students from different majors, use multidisciplinary research techniques, and learn hands-on about the creek that runs through campus.

When Does Watershed Tour Take Place?

The BCCWT occurs over two weekends during the Spring semester with overnight camping at BCCER.  

For more information, email Managing Director, Jennifer Rotnem.

Big Chico Creek Map with Text - Follow a drop of water on its journey from its origin near Colby Mountain to its destination at the confluence of the Sacraments River.