Data at Chico State

Data has taken center stage as a strategic university business asset.  Our campus is actively taking steps to streamline services to campus data consumers, and to create the data governance structures necessary to deliver high quality data that are appropriately secured and well positioned to support campus-wide data-driven decision-making.

Chico State has a combination of public/open reports (which do not require login), and internal reporting systems (which require a Chico State login account). Please see instructions below for each.

Public/Open Data & Reports

These reports are publicly available and do not require a Chico State account.

Internal Data & Reporting Systems

These reporting systems all require a Chico State account.  Your account in any given system will provide access to a baseline set of data/reports; additional permissions may be required for deeper access.  If you need a reporting system account, please submit a request in the Service Catalog.

Other Systems & Resources

These additional systems contain operational data/reports, and provide additional resources for IT support.