Providing data/reports to campus requires the collective/coordinated work of many individual campus  stakeholders and multiple governance/management groups.  The Data Governance Program Charter (PDF) provides a full explanation of the roles and responsibilities of all stakeholders and groups, and describes the relationships between them.  Membership in the goveranance groups is outlined below to provide context.

If you need assistance with data/reports, the fastest option is to open a ticket in the Service Catalog.

Data Governance Working Group

The Data Governance Working Group consists of select Data Owners, Data Managers, Data Consumers, and IT Managers who can speak to critical campus data needs and create plans to meet those needs. The primary focus is on enabling data-driven decision-making, through standardized and consistent business processes.

Please see the Data Governance Program Charter (PDF) for a full description of the Working Group’s responsibilities (page 7) and for the relationship between the Working Group and the Data Owners (page 5).

Data Governance Working Group Membership
NameTitleData Governance Working Group Role
Rebecca CagleDirector, Payroll Services, HR Information Systems, and Business IT ServicesData Manager for Data Series 1.0 Personnel/Payroll
Michelle KorteDirector, Financial Accounting and ReportingData Manager for Data Series 2.0 Fiscal
Jeni KitchellAVP for Budget and OperationsData Owner for Data Series 2.5 Budget
Michael AllenUniversity RegistrarData Owner for Data Series 4.0 Student Records
Daniel GrassianVice Provost for Academic ProgramsData Owner for Data Series 9.0 Curriculum & Accreditation, and Representative of Deans and Associate Deans
Jeff BellFaculty, Biological Sciences Department; and Assistant Dean, College of Natural SciencesRepresentative of Faculty and Chairs
Tom RosenowInterim Director, Institutional Research; and Director, Data WarehouseRepresentative of Data Technicians & Reports Writers, and Data Manager for Data Series 4.0 Student Records
Andy MillerAssociate Vice Provost for Information TechnologyRepresentative of Data Technicians & Reports Writers, and group chair
Campus Data Owners

The Integrated CSU Administrative Manual (ICSUAM), defines a "Data Owner" as:

[The] person identified by law, contract, or policy with responsibility for granting access to and ensuring appropriate controls are in place to protect information assets. The duties include but are not limited to classifying, defining controls, authorizing access, monitoring compliance with CSU/campus security policies and standards, and identifying the level of acceptable risk for the information asset. A Data Owner is usually a member of management, in charge of a specific business unit, and is ultimately responsible for the protection and use of information within that unit

Chico State has 12 formally identified data owners.  The official list of campus data owners is included on the Information Security Records Retention, but the list is also included below for reference.  These data owners do not typically provide data/reports directly (data/reporting services are typically provided by the service providers listed at the top of this page), but the data owners are listed here for transparency.

Campus Data Owners
Data Schedule SeriesData OwnerCurrent Name
1.0 Personnel/PayrollAVP for Staff Human ResourcesSheryl Woodward
2.0 FiscalAVP of Financial Services and University BudgetStacie Corona
2.5 BudgetAVP for Budget and OperationsJeni Kitchell
3.0 Environmental Health & SafetyDirector, Environmental Health & SafetyMarvin Pratt
4.0 Student RecordsUniversity RegistrarMichael Allen
5.0 FacilitiesDirector, Facilities Management and ServicesMichael Guzzi
6.0 University PoliceChief of PoliceJohn Reid
7.0 University AdvancementDirector of Advancement Services and Annual FundDwight Seuser
8.0 Academic PersonnelAVP for Academic PersonnelEvanne O'Donnell
9.0 Curriculum & AccreditationVice Provost for Academic ProgramsDaniel Grassian
10.0 Grants & Sponsored ProgramsVice Provost for ResearchDavid Hassenzahl
11.0 Institutional RecordsChief of StaffBrooke Banks
Campus Data Service Providers

Several departments across campus provide support for data and reporting.  In most cases, users should make requests in the Service Catalog; however, a listing of services providers is included below for cases where direct consultation is necessary.

Department Services
IR (Institutional Research)Census data and reports for applications, enrollments, degrees granted, demographics, test scores, grades, courses and outcomes. Assessments of campus programs and technical support in data analysis and reporting. Surveys.
DATA (Data Warehouse)Development/maintenance of the campus data warehouse and technical support/maintenance of select campus reporting systems.
ADS (Applications & Data Services)Development/maintenance of the legacy RDS campus operational data store, tecnical support/maintenance of select campus reporting systems, data integration between databases and applications, and limited data/reports writing.
BITS (Business Information Technology Services)Data and reports for budget, finance, facilities, and human resources