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Distributed Learning Technologies

April 16, 2015: BBLearn Maintenance

Standard maintenance window is 5:00 – 8:00 AM every Thursday. BBLearn may be unavailable during this window.

Content Editor B2 update

What's New In Version 11.3.1161183

This version resolves:

  • Video Everywhere Clients Cannot Register OAuth 1.0

Achievements B2 update

What's New In Version 1.4.1129409

This version resolves:

  • Achievements can be printed by any student through URL manipulation

Blackboard Mobile Web Services B2 update

What's New In Version 94.6.3

The Mobile Web Services Building Block has been updated to support Blackboard's newest release — Bb Student. Released through Blackboard Labs, Bb Student is the next generation mobile solution that helps students react quickly to their changing course needs, while learning to plan for the future. This new Labs release has a rich and fun experience that is easy to use and simple to learn, and was designed specifically for students. Bb Student represents an in-progress product and its initial functionality is meant at this time to compliment and not replace Blackboard Mobile Learn.

Blackboard is committed to building and iterating on Bb Student while maintaining the stability and support of the Mobile Web Services B2. Version 94.6.3 has been fully tested and is compatible with all existing Blackboard mobile solutions. All future updates to the Mobile Web Services B2 will be rigorously tested to ensure a seamless update to your production environment.

New Features

  • Allows Bb Student users to have access to new data:
  • Previous, current, and future course listings
  • Course outline that includes access to meta-information about the course
  • Course content items (e.g. PDF’s & Microsoft Word Documents)
  • Assignment due dates
  • Activity notifications for upcoming assignments

Self and Peer Assessment B2 update

What's New In Version 16.0.1135937

This Building Block resolves the following issue:

  • Application slowness is experienced when multiple users access Self and Peer assessments