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Distributed Learning Technologies

August 13, 2015: BBLearn Maintenance

Standard maintenance window is 5:00 – 8:00 AM every Thursday. BBLearn may be unavailable during this window.

Took BBLearn offline to install B2 updates.

Installed patch to fix issue with displaying images which had been embedded in HTML using base64 format.

Update Blackboard Collaborate B2

Installed version 4.8.1167786, which is related to the Collaborate Ultra soft release program.

Update Blackboard Mobile Web Services B2

What's new in version 94.7.1

New features:

  • Support for assignments and tests in Bb Student.
  • View previously submitted assignments, tests, and feedback in Bb Student.

Resolved Issues:

  • App outages due to high database connections from the Mobile Web Services B2.
  • B2 error “ERROR: current transaction is aborted, commands ignored until end of transaction block".
  • Heap exhaustion from the getFileContent call in Mobile B2.

Update McGraw-Hill Connect and Create B2

Installed version 2.3.91201410.41; more information will be posted soon.